Techniques’ service


The non-failure operation of techniques, its durability, the timely carrying out of repair works are provided with the service department of the Company "AGROTECNICA", which have the long-term experience in service sphere of the agricultural machinery of the native and import producing.

The service engineers and mechanics, which were trained on the basis of manufacturers in Ukraine and abroad, provide all-round aid in the service of the techniques. They also carry out the qualified diagnostics of the techniques and the training of the personnel. Annually the experts pass the planned training and courses of the improvement of the qualification with the subsequent certification at the plants-manufacturers of the techniques.

All technical centers are certificated according to the standards of the plants-manufacturers of the techniques. The equipment of the technical centers includes the service machines, the elevating-transport equipment, the metal cutting machine tools, the compressor and pressing equipment, the welding equipment, the assembling-technological and repair equipment, the control and measuring equipment and the tool, the checking-diagnostic equipment for the departure in an household (the equipment of the service car), the equipment for the preparation of the combines in the service centre at the transfer of the combines to the household (washing). The technical centers have the damage fund of the spare parts in the warehouse. The main principle of the work of the service centers of the Company "AGROTECNICA" is the quality and efficiency in service sphere of the techniques; therefore in practice the principle «the Spare part in the field for 24 hours» is applied. «24 hours». Precisely this optimum term which satisfies the requirements of the consumers and it is the additional competitive advantage of the company in the market.

At the moment on the warranty service are at the same time more than 2000 units of the various self-propelled techniques (combines, tractors and sprayers), the sowing and soil-cultivating techniques of the various manufacturers.

The absolute quality of the service is provided by:

- the high level of the technical training of the personnel;
- the constant improvement of the professional skill of the experts;
- the modern material support of the service centers;
- the application of the original spare parts and expendable materials;
- the dynamical system of the motivation of experts of service service and personal interest in the end result.

The service center of the Company «AGROTECNICA» offers the following types of the services:

- the preselling preparation of the techniques;
- the inspection and additional completion;
- the introduction in the exploitation of the realized techniques;
- the warranty service and repair of the techniques;
- the after warranty service of the techniques, the carrying out of the planned and off-schedule technical service;
- the information-consulting services, the training of the personnel to correct skills of the operation of the techniques;
- the maintenance of the buyers with the technical, methodical and other documentation;
- the equipment of the techniques with the means of the remote electronic control of the operating modes, including the system of global positioning for the work with the wide captures machines and means of the account of the amounts of the executed works.



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