About company

The Company "AGROTECNICA"worked on the Ukrainian market since 2007. At the moment on the territory of Ukraine successfully work 7 branches and services centers of the company.

"AGROTECNICA" LTD is  the official dealer dealer of the companies  Landoll (USA), GASPARDO, MECMAR, DOMINONI (Italy), BADNAR STROM (Czech Republic ), factories of the CIS countries: Agroland, “Chervona zirka”, “Tochmash", "Pochvomash", "BelotserkovMAZ", "Umanfermmash", "Galeshchina", “LKMZ”, "Agrotech", “The Berdyansk factory of the agricultural machinery” and others factories-manufacturers of the agricultural machinery in the countries of near and far abroad.


The Company  "AGROTECNICA" delivers to agricultural commodity producers the wide list of the agricultural machinery, including the soil-cultivating and sowing techniques, the fodder harvesting and beet-harvesting techniques, the grain discharging planters, and also tractors and combine harvesters of import and Ukrainian manufacturing.


Considerable operational experience on the market of agricultural machinery of Ukraine, the developed network of branches and the technical centers, staff of professional managers, application of modern technologies of sales, financial resource presence allows The Company"AGROTECNICA" to provide active advancement of technique in the market and stably high sales volumes. 


The Regional representations of the group of companies "AGROTECNICA" have complexes with offices, warehouses and technical premises, the shops for assemblage, repair and restoration of combines, the technical workshops equipped according to the quality standards of the factories-manufacturers.


Optimum generated commodity portfolio allows satisfying requirements for the technician of any agricultural production with any structure of agribusiness – from farms with the minimum areas under crops to the largest agro holdings.


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